Lagerbyggnad från Lagerservice

More than storage and service

Lagerservice AB are specialists in storage and logistics. Our key strengths lie in the handling of complex flows of large ranges of products, storage and distribution.

Lagerservice AB... with storage and distribution on the Nordic market, where the key competence is in handling large ranges of products and complex flows.  Lagerservice has the capacity, experience and stability of a large business – in combination with the flexibility, service and drive of a smaller company.

The range of our services varies from customer to customer. Lagerservice can offer total logistic solutions as well as separate parts of the company process, such as call-off orders, transport, and storage optimization. Regardless of range, our aim is to work in the long term with our customers towards a cost-optimized logistic service.

We are authorized to handle packaged food and have permission for wholesale trade in naturopathic medicine. Lagerservice is certified according to ISO 9001 standard, ISO 14001 environment and AFS 2001:1 work environment. Some examples of businesses we handle today are consumer goods, health food, cleaning products and software.

Strengths of the company

The strong economic stability of the company, broad competence and flexibility strengthens our long term engagement in our customers.

Our strategic location in Nässjö is logistically a perfect position, having more than 6.5 million inhabitants in the Nordic countries within a radius of 280 kilometres.

The companies work across the borders to establish as effective a handling as possible for the customers.

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